Summary of End Times Study Part 1

  1. God had a plan. At least part of the plan involves humans, but only temporairily. The human phase is limited by the covenant mandate to "fill the earth".
  2. Humans were never part of the goal, only a means to an end:  "Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God."
  3. At least part of the plan involves producing "brothers" for Jesus who are just like him. The "body" and "bride" of the Lamb are byproducts along the way.
  4. Although the brothers have been born individually from the beginning of the human plan, there is a significant "birthing" event awaited for thousands of years - Rev 12.
  5. The birthing triggers the revelation of "the son of perdition", the casting out of Satan from heaven, and all out war on "the holy people" aka "the Great Tribulation".
  6. The Two Witnesses which may be two individuals and/or two groups take the "Gospel of the Kingdom" to the world during the Trib with great power and authority.
  7. The Two Witnesses may be husband and wife and may also be the "double portion of Elijah" aka "Mr. and Mrs. Elijah".
  8. The Great Tribulation lasts 3 and 1/2 years and ends with the death of the Two Witnesses, the Resurrection , and the Return of Christ Jesus in power.
  9. The message of the Two Witnesses/Elijah is for the "little children" and the "fathers" and resolves "free will" vs "predestination" conflicts.
  10. The message of the Kingdom may include a completely different view of "Salvation" as something that happens every day as we submit to the King and He "knows" us.