A Song of the Lord of the Dance

I sing you a song,
Of the Lord of the Dance;
Is it not a story,
A tale of romance?
For we are not words,
On long dusty pages;
Doctrines skillfully woven,
By minds of men;

For what is your salvation,
But a song in your spirit;
A lift in your step,
Deep peace in your heart;
Holy fire in every part!
Glorious power that nothing can stop,
A promise that never ends,
And Love He forever sends!

Can His sheep hear His voice?
Lend ear to a quiet still voice?
Softly He calls, gently He speaks;
Forget it not, the desire He seeks:
Why not give Him all of your heart,
For that song He alone can impart?

And the Spirit and the Bride,
Say come, please come;
Come sing with us,
Fly away with us;
Rest in the heart of our King,
Forever one, in the arms of The Son!