The Great RAPTURE Deception

About 200 years ago the devil invented a new lie to deceive people. He called it "The Rapture". You've seen it mentioned on bumper stickers if no where else.

Many modern religious groups accept the rapture teaching as undeniable truth. By undeniable, I mean that they will ostracize or excommunicate you if you reject it. I know that because I was excommunicated by such a group on FaceBook a few days ago for disagreeing with them. It was not my first and probably not my last such experience.

Every story reported in the Bible shows that God does not remove His people from the world to protect them from trials or tribulations. If needed, He provides them with an Ark or a "Goshen" where there is still light. Scripture after scripture warns us that God's people will experience trials and tribulations in this world. Notwithstanding that, the false prophets who promote this "escape from tribulation" theory twist a few scriptures out of context to support their view and meanwhile make bags of money from it. It does not matter that every prediction they have made about the "end times" has failed to come to pass. I guess they would say "give it more time" or "ignore that one small misinterpretation" or some such excuse. Meanwhile the EEC does not become a ten nation "beast" and there is no temple built in Jerusalem or whatever their predictions may be. And many people blithely continue to ignore the fact that these "prophets" have no clue what God intends to accomplish, nor why or how He is going to bring it to pass.

There are two very troubling aspects to this false doctrine. First is the fact that the faith of many will falter and perhaps be cast away when they experience significant tribulation like that which many believers throughout history have encountered and which Jesus warned us to expect. But perhaps even more troubling is the idea that God would remove His best witnesses from the world in the midst of it's greatest time of shaking and darkness when people most need the message and help of Christ Jesus. My God would not show any such favoritism to some and lack of love to others. In fact He will maintain His light and witnesses in this world as long as absolutely possible and when no longer possible, He will take direct control of the kingdoms of this world and impose peace forcibly to give more people a chance to know Him.

I do believe in the bodily resurrection prophesied by Jesus and His prophets and apostles. It is an awesome fulfillment of Christ's victory over death to be manifest in His followers. But there is certainly no need to fear anything nor to "escape" anything for those raised by Christ Jesus for they have His power over all things whether physical or spiritual.

I will not dis-fellowship those who believe the false "rapture" doctrine but those who teach it had better not expect me to keep silent!