The Great Shaking

Many people are taking notice of the amazing disasters we are seeing in the world lately. Some say they are just "random natural processes". Some say they are God's judgment or punishment on some group of nefarious evildoers. Some say they are to get people's attention so maybe they will "repent and get saved". Whether there is any grain of truth in some, all, or none of those theories, it does not really matter because they don't answer a lot of questions, like "why now?" or "why them?" that they raise. I can't really accept those theories.

The following explanation might help some understand God's perspective.

First I will say that I pay close attention when God shakes my individual life just as Job did long ago. And if you have read both the old testament and new testament stories of Job, you should realize that God accomplishes His purpose in the lives He shakes whether they understand what He is doing or not.

Second, the current shaking we see in the world is not "judgment" or "punishment" as some think of those, nor is it just "random natural processes" as others say, nor is it even to "get people's attention", but it is part of the "great shaking" that God has promised to perform:


Heb 12:26  whose voice then shook the earth; but now He has promised, saying, "Yet once more I shake not only the earth, but also heaven."


So why does God want to shake everything? If you consider the plagues and disasters that God brought upon Egypt when freeing His people from slavery there, you will see that they were specifically targeted to destroy the confidence that Egypt had in it's own Gods aka "idols". And if you have read the Revelation, you know that God has determined great "wrath" on those who worship the "image of the beast", an idol. Men, as much as they try to be God, like Adam and Eve did, are not and cannot be God, so they eventually worship either the true God or idols. If God destroys one idol, those who trusted in that idol must choose another idol or the true God to worship. The ultimate idol is of course the image of the beast which will be the only thing left to oppose the true God when everything else has been shaken down.

America and much of the world currently worship "mammon" or money along with "peace and safety". Those "idols" are the primary target of God's current shaking - the world's economy and the false "peace and safety" (safety=health), items that are actually maintained through much deception and force at this time, both subtle and overt. That is also why the "labor pains" that Jesus described target those areas:


Mat 24:7  "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.


(BTW - the word Jesus used that is translated earthquakes also means hurricanes and tornadoes, etc.)

So God is out to destroy the world's idols. And although some people will die, that is not His objective. You might call that "collateral damage", but not if you realize that death is only a temporary condition to God. I realize that this is a very simplified view of what God is doing - certainly the double shaking of physical Christchurch is a clear warning to the true spiritual "Christ's church" of the intensification of God's judgment on His own house which scripture foretells. God's work is deep and thorough. But only so much can be shared here. "Come out of her, my people..."